Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rage, we all get it.

Now, on to a popular topic, Rage. It deserves the capital R with the problems it causes. I know people who go into Rage mode at the drop of a hat, and others who are slow to anger, but when they do it will go on for a while, I for one would get flustered first then angry at myself, Then Rage. What makes you angry in a game? We all know that COD is Rage fuel, makes nearly everyone angry after a prolonged time of playing. Other games are never half as bad. Maybe the communities faults again I don't know. If a game makes us so angry that we scream down a mic or throw controllers, then why do we go back to it? Or even keep playing?. And what is the worst thing that you have broken. Once again, I know a guy, the guy who angers quickly has Raged through 4 controllers and 3 mics, while the slow burner has broken a console and a tv. Big money spent on both idiots, I personally have broke nothing. I turn off a game and play some guitar or go gardening. How do other people deal with Rage? In regards to video games. I've finally found the game breaker of a glitch from Skyrim, and nobody will be hearing about that game for a little while.at least. Now I need a new game to abuse. Opinions?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

An Ancient Evil has Awoken

Games cliche, fun for everyone, some comfortable repetitive action found in every game of its respective genre, from the first enemy in and RPG being rats, and finding that sword you spent all your money on In the last town, turning up in the next dungeon you find. To that old guy trying t teach you how to catch a Pokemon and only being able to carry 2/3 guns even if they're like 80oz each. Cliche gives us comfort as people are creatures of habit and enjoy some form of repitition, but it can get overbearing if done too much (read every final fantasy ever "my TRUE FORM") it can get old and feel rehashed. So where Is the line between good cliche and an aggravating one? It can't be too constricting, nor can it be vague or overused (amnesia/obligatory prison level) so much cliche, so little time What's the concensus on the best and worst cliches in games?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Addiction, more like Affliction

In this day and age, it is surprisingly easy to become addicted to games and lose yourself in them. I say this as this morning I read in a newspaper (yes the newspaper, as redundant as the fax machine these days, still nice to read) that a 32 year old man in America died in his mums basement from starvation as he was doing an extended raid in World of Warcraft, and several kids in America have killed their parents for taking away games and consoles, I ask, are some peoples lives so crap that they cannot live without games or are they put in place as a distraction, turn a babysitter, then a life commitment? Or are some people just cursed with an addictive mind? Or is it that the devs made it addicting? So to be more specific, who's fault is it that people get addicted to games? Parents, themselves, or games companies. I have no games to talk about today as my exams are looming and im suffering from a slight withdrawl from games. Also, it turns out that learning how to make games and learning how to play games well do not positively correlate to each other, corrolary to this, I believe the opposite to be TRUE, personal experience you know.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fus Doh Rah all.

Well everyone. I have gotten Skyrim over the weekend, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Its not the perfect game by any means but its immersive, fun and challenging most of the time with few qualms on my side. From the nigh in endless amount of sidequests to the lore and story of the game its a solid experience. When you see two small squads of soldiers battle it out for control of a crossroads it shows that your not the only one doing anything in the land. And when you see these 2 groups temporarily make a truce to fight a damn great Dragon, you definately can see the world is much more alive than Oblivion, or any of the fallouts. No problems with level scaling for me, you won't be able to kill a giant at level one without tonnes of preparation and there are no bandits trying to mug you with glass or daedric armour and enchanted weapons. I don't mind the slimming down of skills as its done in an intelligent way. And Bounty and crime has been fixed from Oblivion. My only real problem with this game is the fact that they added sprinting but neglected sprint jumping. So many deaths have been the outcome from my " cinematic" moments of trying to sprint anddive off a cliff into a lake only to sprint off the edge of the cliff and fall to my death scant metres short.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Week off hells yeah

Well on my week off guess what I did... I played Call of Duty, a lot. Going for prestiges for MW3 im that cool. But hey even of it is the exact same as the last4 games I'll buy it, and probably enjoy it. For all my talk on how its crap and rehashed time and time again its still popular and easy to have fun with a party. So this is me, not reviewing the game as I couldn't be bothered, but asking why so many people play it?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Arcade frustration, I hear you calling

Well. I wasted 800 more Ms points on a game of reverie and childhood poverty to me. It also introduced me to the music of punk. Crazy taxi ate my hard earned pocket moneys well into my teenage years, and I never topped the leaderboard. But now nearly a decade later I have it again to fail time and time and time again. And I know I won't top the leaderboard now, as its a worldwide one.... Simple controls simple mission objective and awesome soundtrack. Probably still one of the toughest and most frustrating, yet beloved game in my collection. YeahYeahYeahYeahYeah!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nostalgia is the root of all stupidity

True, nostalgia kills all with its main thought of " everything old>everything new" yet we all yearn for it and constantly compare modern creations to its classic counterparts. From comparing uncharted 2 and Mario, to my subject today. Recently I have downloaded several " classic" FPS including, but not limited to; duke nukem 3d, quake 3 arena and unreal tournament 2004. I must say I truly enjoy them. Except duke nukem for some reason. But to compare those classic arena deathmatch fps to the modern camp-fest that is Call of duty and othe corridor shooter games, is like comparing apple tart and chicken pie. Both pastry but totally different inside. You need to keep moving in the older arena games as you can be taken from any direction, yet you can hole up in a good spot in modern games and destroy the rest of the enemy team, modern games are a whole new genre with unlocks instead of pickups. Its a first person RPG with shooting elements. However, thinking like that you could say that Halo is the evolved personification of the old arena shooter, and i suppose it is. But the old games just seem... better than the modern game. I'll probably never understand why they do. Everything is similar from the pickups to the anouncers voice... Yet i cannot stop the cloud of nostalgia tint my view of the game. Maybe its the setting of "space marines" but then again, the old arena games, with what little story they had. Was nearly always based on killing some form of aliens, better at least than shooting Russians every new installment. See its nostalgia ruining the perception of an otherwise great game. It could be the community, but then that takes me into another rant about how underage tits play mature games full of violence and ruining my gaming experience, back when games were for gamers not kids. Where people saying good game Wasn't a taunt but a proclimation of friendly was, i said GG to someone on Xbox and he hate mailed me for a weeklk. But i digress. Nostalgia bad. Games different and community crap. I might play those old games now, but its so full of elitist bastards that its not worth anything but LAN gaming with real friends. Fuck this gay earth.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Omg retrosauce!!!

I have found the innate joy of playing old redundant games on the Pc. For the last few days I have been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 constantly. It is so much more fun than any other 3rd person shooter and.it saddens me that battlefront 3 will probably be infinitely delayed behind. "the force unleashed 50 revans reawakening" or something equally unnecessary and more importantly NON - CANON. Battlefront 2 means I can relive so much nostalgia. Shooting down bitches as a tie fighter or raping the rebel scum as the glorious empire... Oh, I almost forgot its Huge online.community, its so large that you are bound to find someone to play against constantly. Please get this game, just to re live those days of greatness before 1st person corridor shooters came on the scene.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Back when colourful was fun

Right so now that I no longer have a ps3 I lost all my trophies and stuff so I'm starting anew on many games, the big one I want again is wipeout. It also means I can be a big k/d whore on COD again, infact the whole gamerscore thing seems pretty cool but it means you really do have to grind some games for trophys/achievements.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Nitty Gritty

I wanted to avoid writing on games with thousands of preteens as its fanbase and target audience but in this day and age it is basically unavoidable unless you go hipster, then it has pretentious 16 year old attention-whores and tests. So I'm going to write on the battlefield 3 open beta. In my opinion, from playing operation metro untill it is engraved into my mind. I can safely say. It looks good, the guns kill a little quick. Enforcing battlefields age old tradition of he who starts shooting 1st wins. I also feel that the engineer class is not overpowered but overused from the default rocket launcher while assault must unlock one. I still like it and cannot wait for it to come out.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Next stop. Video games!

So today I installed Metro 2033 on my Xbox, and safe to say it is quite unque as a games, there's very little that reminds me of it. It uses bullets and assorted ammo as currency In a post apocalyptic world that makes fallout look like something that crawled out of a sewer. The gunplay is so-so and the gasmask idea is simplistic and well done. Also to my surprise you are not a 'MURIKAN killin Russian mutants, but a youn Russian man who sees how horrible things are in their hiding holes underground. All in all, love it. Now to expand my Xbox library with more games.

Friday, 30 September 2011

xbox AHOY!

got me an xbox today, just got rid of the ps3, gonna miss the good times, but let the new rollon eh,? first game i bought is metro 2033 as its cover was cool. got the Xbox setup relatively fast, and have my laptops Zune plugged in alongside my windows phone. so time to play EGGSBAWKS!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Status report

Sitting in college today doing work on C# programming ( in my spare/study time no less) reminds me of mass effect 2. Meaning its tedious, repetitive and all in all has little to no bearing on the main plot at all (see what I did there?) As I only own a Ps3 I have no experience on ME1 but according to my pal's in Xbox, it goes on a tangent, and has damn all to do with the Reaver storyline that was totally ignored in ME2. As a standalone title its alright, don't understand the love for it though. Fuck hype, stay original. I say

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How many games does it take to screw in a light bulb

Last night I was playing away on DBZ raging blast, when I was in the middle of attempting to perform a decent combo a huge spider fell on my bed. When the resulting cofusion ended, I was topless with a tin of deodorant and sighted pointing at my bed, the spider had dissappeared and my guy was being pummeled by yet another vegito. Such is life when you try to play a ranked match. DB raging blast follows the show up till the Buu Saga then adds a plethora of "what if" games. It has tons of characters, all substituted for super Vegito in online play, wrecking my humble trunks/yamcha. Its fun verses offline though and there's a whole upgrade board to power up with. My advise, get Tekken instead as all you will do is offline with buddies on a Friday evening, good times.

Monday, 26 September 2011

NoGaems? No Viewers...

So after a couple uviewed posts, it seems I need to advertise. In todays show, I will review Oblivion in the run up to skyrim ( yay skyrim) I'm not talkig about oblivion vanilla, but my own version on the PC that is modded to hell and back. With horse armour, better spellmaking and 18 graphics updates it looks more realistic than live tv. I don't even know the main quest of oblivion with the mods on it but my god its fun. Next time you think of playing a game on oblivion, fire up that pc and get Moddin!!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Most recently in the world of games...

So recently I completed Mirrors edge on ps3. It felt like I had just finished watching inception with its absolutely bonkers storyline. You're an Asian chick who free-runs her way into a whole heap of trouble unearthing the police secrets and trying to save her estranged sister who was framed. And so much twisting and turning later you stand on he edge of a building watching an explosionwith all of your runner friends dead except the black guy. The free running experience from first person view was awesome, being able to look down and see your feet was unique and the way you could complete the whole damn game without shooting someone is unusual in an FPS amirite? I enjoyed every minute of playing and now cannot wait for a sequel to appear. Its a bargain steal at about £5 which definately gives its moneys worth. The graphics are incredibly photo-realistic with the use of primary colour to guide the player ( able to be switche off at will). All in all. Its a great bargain so play it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oh Noes, another gaming blog

Yes, another games review blog. But what sets this one apart from the droves of others? 1) I'm neither 12 nor am I from a big company 2) Its all about different gaming platforms , from pc to ps3 to WII and everything on between. 3) Not copypasta'd from other sites 4) My own twisted brand of humor. Now to be fair, I only have a ps3, a computer and an NDS but I will have external help for nything else. So yeah, I won't review anything this post, as its the introductory post. But next time I'll wow you with my words.