Sunday, 23 March 2014

Videogames, Videogames Never Changes.

Um so hey everybody. It has been almost what. 2 years now since I last updated this blog?
I find it quite ironic that my last post was "I'm going to post more I promise" and then I forgot it even existed. but I'm back, again. i guess.

and I have matured and organised my life a little bit. i will be making a weekly post about something on this blog. and i will be attempting to get other people active with this thing and try to get more followers and shit.

so on to the title of the post.

its been 2 years.
lets see what's happened shall we.
2 new call of duty's
1 new halo

really not that much has changed has it?

I mean like I started my Youtube at the same time as this blog and I'm  just past the hundred subs mark now.

nothing changes, or it always changes really slowly.

ill see you soon guys and gals