Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nostalgia is the root of all stupidity

True, nostalgia kills all with its main thought of " everything old>everything new" yet we all yearn for it and constantly compare modern creations to its classic counterparts. From comparing uncharted 2 and Mario, to my subject today. Recently I have downloaded several " classic" FPS including, but not limited to; duke nukem 3d, quake 3 arena and unreal tournament 2004. I must say I truly enjoy them. Except duke nukem for some reason. But to compare those classic arena deathmatch fps to the modern camp-fest that is Call of duty and othe corridor shooter games, is like comparing apple tart and chicken pie. Both pastry but totally different inside. You need to keep moving in the older arena games as you can be taken from any direction, yet you can hole up in a good spot in modern games and destroy the rest of the enemy team, modern games are a whole new genre with unlocks instead of pickups. Its a first person RPG with shooting elements. However, thinking like that you could say that Halo is the evolved personification of the old arena shooter, and i suppose it is. But the old games just seem... better than the modern game. I'll probably never understand why they do. Everything is similar from the pickups to the anouncers voice... Yet i cannot stop the cloud of nostalgia tint my view of the game. Maybe its the setting of "space marines" but then again, the old arena games, with what little story they had. Was nearly always based on killing some form of aliens, better at least than shooting Russians every new installment. See its nostalgia ruining the perception of an otherwise great game. It could be the community, but then that takes me into another rant about how underage tits play mature games full of violence and ruining my gaming experience, back when games were for gamers not kids. Where people saying good game Wasn't a taunt but a proclimation of friendly was, i said GG to someone on Xbox and he hate mailed me for a weeklk. But i digress. Nostalgia bad. Games different and community crap. I might play those old games now, but its so full of elitist bastards that its not worth anything but LAN gaming with real friends. Fuck this gay earth.

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  1. Haha, must surpress urge to claim Fallout 1 and 2 were the best Fallout. I love old games. I don't like most of the new games. I have an Xbox 360 back at home that I left behind before I went to uni, simply because I couldn't justify haulling it over when I wasn't interested in any of the dozen or so games I had for it. All big titles. So I try to quietly stick to playing HOMM 3, THPS 2 and Baldur's Gate ;)