Thursday, 22 September 2011

Most recently in the world of games...

So recently I completed Mirrors edge on ps3. It felt like I had just finished watching inception with its absolutely bonkers storyline. You're an Asian chick who free-runs her way into a whole heap of trouble unearthing the police secrets and trying to save her estranged sister who was framed. And so much twisting and turning later you stand on he edge of a building watching an explosionwith all of your runner friends dead except the black guy. The free running experience from first person view was awesome, being able to look down and see your feet was unique and the way you could complete the whole damn game without shooting someone is unusual in an FPS amirite? I enjoyed every minute of playing and now cannot wait for a sequel to appear. Its a bargain steal at about £5 which definately gives its moneys worth. The graphics are incredibly photo-realistic with the use of primary colour to guide the player ( able to be switche off at will). All in all. Its a great bargain so play it.

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