Friday, 30 September 2011

xbox AHOY!

got me an xbox today, just got rid of the ps3, gonna miss the good times, but let the new rollon eh,? first game i bought is metro 2033 as its cover was cool. got the Xbox setup relatively fast, and have my laptops Zune plugged in alongside my windows phone. so time to play EGGSBAWKS!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Status report

Sitting in college today doing work on C# programming ( in my spare/study time no less) reminds me of mass effect 2. Meaning its tedious, repetitive and all in all has little to no bearing on the main plot at all (see what I did there?) As I only own a Ps3 I have no experience on ME1 but according to my pal's in Xbox, it goes on a tangent, and has damn all to do with the Reaver storyline that was totally ignored in ME2. As a standalone title its alright, don't understand the love for it though. Fuck hype, stay original. I say

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How many games does it take to screw in a light bulb

Last night I was playing away on DBZ raging blast, when I was in the middle of attempting to perform a decent combo a huge spider fell on my bed. When the resulting cofusion ended, I was topless with a tin of deodorant and sighted pointing at my bed, the spider had dissappeared and my guy was being pummeled by yet another vegito. Such is life when you try to play a ranked match. DB raging blast follows the show up till the Buu Saga then adds a plethora of "what if" games. It has tons of characters, all substituted for super Vegito in online play, wrecking my humble trunks/yamcha. Its fun verses offline though and there's a whole upgrade board to power up with. My advise, get Tekken instead as all you will do is offline with buddies on a Friday evening, good times.

Monday, 26 September 2011

NoGaems? No Viewers...

So after a couple uviewed posts, it seems I need to advertise. In todays show, I will review Oblivion in the run up to skyrim ( yay skyrim) I'm not talkig about oblivion vanilla, but my own version on the PC that is modded to hell and back. With horse armour, better spellmaking and 18 graphics updates it looks more realistic than live tv. I don't even know the main quest of oblivion with the mods on it but my god its fun. Next time you think of playing a game on oblivion, fire up that pc and get Moddin!!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Most recently in the world of games...

So recently I completed Mirrors edge on ps3. It felt like I had just finished watching inception with its absolutely bonkers storyline. You're an Asian chick who free-runs her way into a whole heap of trouble unearthing the police secrets and trying to save her estranged sister who was framed. And so much twisting and turning later you stand on he edge of a building watching an explosionwith all of your runner friends dead except the black guy. The free running experience from first person view was awesome, being able to look down and see your feet was unique and the way you could complete the whole damn game without shooting someone is unusual in an FPS amirite? I enjoyed every minute of playing and now cannot wait for a sequel to appear. Its a bargain steal at about £5 which definately gives its moneys worth. The graphics are incredibly photo-realistic with the use of primary colour to guide the player ( able to be switche off at will). All in all. Its a great bargain so play it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oh Noes, another gaming blog

Yes, another games review blog. But what sets this one apart from the droves of others? 1) I'm neither 12 nor am I from a big company 2) Its all about different gaming platforms , from pc to ps3 to WII and everything on between. 3) Not copypasta'd from other sites 4) My own twisted brand of humor. Now to be fair, I only have a ps3, a computer and an NDS but I will have external help for nything else. So yeah, I won't review anything this post, as its the introductory post. But next time I'll wow you with my words.