Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rage, we all get it.

Now, on to a popular topic, Rage. It deserves the capital R with the problems it causes. I know people who go into Rage mode at the drop of a hat, and others who are slow to anger, but when they do it will go on for a while, I for one would get flustered first then angry at myself, Then Rage. What makes you angry in a game? We all know that COD is Rage fuel, makes nearly everyone angry after a prolonged time of playing. Other games are never half as bad. Maybe the communities faults again I don't know. If a game makes us so angry that we scream down a mic or throw controllers, then why do we go back to it? Or even keep playing?. And what is the worst thing that you have broken. Once again, I know a guy, the guy who angers quickly has Raged through 4 controllers and 3 mics, while the slow burner has broken a console and a tv. Big money spent on both idiots, I personally have broke nothing. I turn off a game and play some guitar or go gardening. How do other people deal with Rage? In regards to video games. I've finally found the game breaker of a glitch from Skyrim, and nobody will be hearing about that game for a little while.at least. Now I need a new game to abuse. Opinions?


  1. There is no thing more funny than video game ragers, srsly, i'm one hahahahaha

  2. noobs in lol make me rage all day :<