Sunday, 23 March 2014

Videogames, Videogames Never Changes.

Um so hey everybody. It has been almost what. 2 years now since I last updated this blog?
I find it quite ironic that my last post was "I'm going to post more I promise" and then I forgot it even existed. but I'm back, again. i guess.

and I have matured and organised my life a little bit. i will be making a weekly post about something on this blog. and i will be attempting to get other people active with this thing and try to get more followers and shit.

so on to the title of the post.

its been 2 years.
lets see what's happened shall we.
2 new call of duty's
1 new halo

really not that much has changed has it?

I mean like I started my Youtube at the same time as this blog and I'm  just past the hundred subs mark now.

nothing changes, or it always changes really slowly.

ill see you soon guys and gals

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Boats Back Baby!

Holy Carpe Diem! he's back and ready for more action.
time to kick things off with a bang, the same way a certain game has been hitting the news

coming out of a long slumber and a pretty long dev time, (much like this) I find people calling for my help.
and also Halo 4 has been announced.

I was never a huge Xbox  fan-boy, but I sold my Ps3 for a Halo "Reach Around" edition Xbox slim, but I can say as a relative newcomer to the Halo Series, I can say Reach was one of the more refreshing fps games  I have played since UT3 Its a definite Arena FPS and the next in the series seems to build on the story (TL:DR) and is now fighting Forerunners and Spartans again I think, the Graphics look as crisp as any current gen console game with some cool new features to the gameplay but all in all i expect it to be another carbon copy of the last one with improved graphix (*Cough* Callofduty*Cough*) but as its been in development for a longer period of time than most Fps this gen it might surprise by being totally different.

The main thing, the bread and butter, the coup de grĂ¢ce as it may be, is of course the multiplayer, the speed and pace of games has been reportedly increased, meaning a lot faster but smoother gaming, how will the shields cope i wonder? how many headshots/bodyshots to drop someone with a DMR? what of the new forerunner vision? (aka: see through walls) I Don't know really to be honest, but my perception is that this will be a multimillion seller and possibly a final flagship for Xbox with its exclusivity and the Xbox coming to the end of it's lifespan soon.
Boatmurdurd is BACK (new xbox gamertag... hook it up with me sometime)
trying to come at you with new info, news and general gaming related paraphernalia 
injected with my charming wit o' course.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new years I guess.

okay guys, merry chrimbo and all that... right now I'm a bit frustrated. quit smoking and  bought Dark souls...  yeah, that kind of frustration. takes me back to the days where games didn't hold your hand and just said, heres the basics kid, now try not to embarrass us too much. It was a not so pleasant break from skyrim, "insert arrow/knee joke" which my friends adore. dark souls reminds me of a slightly clunkier DMC 2 not so churazy and a lot more... well... dark and moody, also extremely difficult. I for the first time ever, broke a controller.

Moving onto new things, my favorite Xmas present was an underwater electric shaver, so when I ragequit from Dark souls and attempt suicide in the bath all it does is spurt water at me.
I've dusted off ye olde ps2 and started up some older games to feed my nostalgia beast and more importantly, remember the good times and games,

hopefully this year is crammed full of new games to slag off.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rage, we all get it.

Now, on to a popular topic, Rage. It deserves the capital R with the problems it causes. I know people who go into Rage mode at the drop of a hat, and others who are slow to anger, but when they do it will go on for a while, I for one would get flustered first then angry at myself, Then Rage. What makes you angry in a game? We all know that COD is Rage fuel, makes nearly everyone angry after a prolonged time of playing. Other games are never half as bad. Maybe the communities faults again I don't know. If a game makes us so angry that we scream down a mic or throw controllers, then why do we go back to it? Or even keep playing?. And what is the worst thing that you have broken. Once again, I know a guy, the guy who angers quickly has Raged through 4 controllers and 3 mics, while the slow burner has broken a console and a tv. Big money spent on both idiots, I personally have broke nothing. I turn off a game and play some guitar or go gardening. How do other people deal with Rage? In regards to video games. I've finally found the game breaker of a glitch from Skyrim, and nobody will be hearing about that game for a little least. Now I need a new game to abuse. Opinions?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

An Ancient Evil has Awoken

Games cliche, fun for everyone, some comfortable repetitive action found in every game of its respective genre, from the first enemy in and RPG being rats, and finding that sword you spent all your money on In the last town, turning up in the next dungeon you find. To that old guy trying t teach you how to catch a Pokemon and only being able to carry 2/3 guns even if they're like 80oz each. Cliche gives us comfort as people are creatures of habit and enjoy some form of repitition, but it can get overbearing if done too much (read every final fantasy ever "my TRUE FORM") it can get old and feel rehashed. So where Is the line between good cliche and an aggravating one? It can't be too constricting, nor can it be vague or overused (amnesia/obligatory prison level) so much cliche, so little time What's the concensus on the best and worst cliches in games?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Addiction, more like Affliction

In this day and age, it is surprisingly easy to become addicted to games and lose yourself in them. I say this as this morning I read in a newspaper (yes the newspaper, as redundant as the fax machine these days, still nice to read) that a 32 year old man in America died in his mums basement from starvation as he was doing an extended raid in World of Warcraft, and several kids in America have killed their parents for taking away games and consoles, I ask, are some peoples lives so crap that they cannot live without games or are they put in place as a distraction, turn a babysitter, then a life commitment? Or are some people just cursed with an addictive mind? Or is it that the devs made it addicting? So to be more specific, who's fault is it that people get addicted to games? Parents, themselves, or games companies. I have no games to talk about today as my exams are looming and im suffering from a slight withdrawl from games. Also, it turns out that learning how to make games and learning how to play games well do not positively correlate to each other, corrolary to this, I believe the opposite to be TRUE, personal experience you know.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fus Doh Rah all.

Well everyone. I have gotten Skyrim over the weekend, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Its not the perfect game by any means but its immersive, fun and challenging most of the time with few qualms on my side. From the nigh in endless amount of sidequests to the lore and story of the game its a solid experience. When you see two small squads of soldiers battle it out for control of a crossroads it shows that your not the only one doing anything in the land. And when you see these 2 groups temporarily make a truce to fight a damn great Dragon, you definately can see the world is much more alive than Oblivion, or any of the fallouts. No problems with level scaling for me, you won't be able to kill a giant at level one without tonnes of preparation and there are no bandits trying to mug you with glass or daedric armour and enchanted weapons. I don't mind the slimming down of skills as its done in an intelligent way. And Bounty and crime has been fixed from Oblivion. My only real problem with this game is the fact that they added sprinting but neglected sprint jumping. So many deaths have been the outcome from my " cinematic" moments of trying to sprint anddive off a cliff into a lake only to sprint off the edge of the cliff and fall to my death scant metres short.