Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Boats Back Baby!

Holy Carpe Diem! he's back and ready for more action.
time to kick things off with a bang, the same way a certain game has been hitting the news

coming out of a long slumber and a pretty long dev time, (much like this) I find people calling for my help.
and also Halo 4 has been announced.

I was never a huge Xbox  fan-boy, but I sold my Ps3 for a Halo "Reach Around" edition Xbox slim, but I can say as a relative newcomer to the Halo Series, I can say Reach was one of the more refreshing fps games  I have played since UT3 Its a definite Arena FPS and the next in the series seems to build on the story (TL:DR) and is now fighting Forerunners and Spartans again I think, the Graphics look as crisp as any current gen console game with some cool new features to the gameplay but all in all i expect it to be another carbon copy of the last one with improved graphix (*Cough* Callofduty*Cough*) but as its been in development for a longer period of time than most Fps this gen it might surprise by being totally different.

The main thing, the bread and butter, the coup de grĂ¢ce as it may be, is of course the multiplayer, the speed and pace of games has been reportedly increased, meaning a lot faster but smoother gaming, how will the shields cope i wonder? how many headshots/bodyshots to drop someone with a DMR? what of the new forerunner vision? (aka: see through walls) I Don't know really to be honest, but my perception is that this will be a multimillion seller and possibly a final flagship for Xbox with its exclusivity and the Xbox coming to the end of it's lifespan soon.
Boatmurdurd is BACK (new xbox gamertag... hook it up with me sometime)
trying to come at you with new info, news and general gaming related paraphernalia 
injected with my charming wit o' course.