Thursday, 24 November 2011

Addiction, more like Affliction

In this day and age, it is surprisingly easy to become addicted to games and lose yourself in them. I say this as this morning I read in a newspaper (yes the newspaper, as redundant as the fax machine these days, still nice to read) that a 32 year old man in America died in his mums basement from starvation as he was doing an extended raid in World of Warcraft, and several kids in America have killed their parents for taking away games and consoles, I ask, are some peoples lives so crap that they cannot live without games or are they put in place as a distraction, turn a babysitter, then a life commitment? Or are some people just cursed with an addictive mind? Or is it that the devs made it addicting? So to be more specific, who's fault is it that people get addicted to games? Parents, themselves, or games companies. I have no games to talk about today as my exams are looming and im suffering from a slight withdrawl from games. Also, it turns out that learning how to make games and learning how to play games well do not positively correlate to each other, corrolary to this, I believe the opposite to be TRUE, personal experience you know.

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