Thursday, 1 December 2011

An Ancient Evil has Awoken

Games cliche, fun for everyone, some comfortable repetitive action found in every game of its respective genre, from the first enemy in and RPG being rats, and finding that sword you spent all your money on In the last town, turning up in the next dungeon you find. To that old guy trying t teach you how to catch a Pokemon and only being able to carry 2/3 guns even if they're like 80oz each. Cliche gives us comfort as people are creatures of habit and enjoy some form of repitition, but it can get overbearing if done too much (read every final fantasy ever "my TRUE FORM") it can get old and feel rehashed. So where Is the line between good cliche and an aggravating one? It can't be too constricting, nor can it be vague or overused (amnesia/obligatory prison level) so much cliche, so little time What's the concensus on the best and worst cliches in games?

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