Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new years I guess.

okay guys, merry chrimbo and all that... right now I'm a bit frustrated. quit smoking and  bought Dark souls...  yeah, that kind of frustration. takes me back to the days where games didn't hold your hand and just said, heres the basics kid, now try not to embarrass us too much. It was a not so pleasant break from skyrim, "insert arrow/knee joke" which my friends adore. dark souls reminds me of a slightly clunkier DMC 2 not so churazy and a lot more... well... dark and moody, also extremely difficult. I for the first time ever, broke a controller.

Moving onto new things, my favorite Xmas present was an underwater electric shaver, so when I ragequit from Dark souls and attempt suicide in the bath all it does is spurt water at me.
I've dusted off ye olde ps2 and started up some older games to feed my nostalgia beast and more importantly, remember the good times and games,

hopefully this year is crammed full of new games to slag off.


  1. Yeah , im getting sick and tired of arrow to the knee jokes =/

  2. I broke my keyboard yesterday and you your controller, funny coincidence?